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Get Tough Tendons

What People Are Saying

97% of the people that haven taken the course were happy with the results. Here's is some of their feedback.

Chris Irving

"I’ve been using your program for 8 weeks and just started back at the gym, pain-free."

Jacob L.

"[T]hank you so much for your course on healing patellar tendinitis! I’ve been dealing with it for nearly 11 months, and did physical therapy for 3 months with less progress than I’ve had in 2 weeks following your advice. It’s amazing."


Anta R.

"I’m glad the pain has reduced to a minimum thanks to your program."

Mateusz Izdebski

"I have been following your course for over a month now and it has been helping me immensely, as well as shown me that there was hope after all and that I did not actually have to go for surgery or the unproven PRP treatment."