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Martin Koban
By Martin Koban

They say if you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss also gazes into you.

That’s what it felt like during my darkest days with tendonitis and maybe you’re going through something similar right now.

Each morning, the very first thought on my mind was “Will it hurt when I get up?” and that same fear haunted me all throughout the day.

I had to lean on the rails when taking stairs and driving to work was a nightmare.

I couldn’t run, let alone jump without regretting it the days after and on some days even sitting would hurt.

With each passing week I was getting more out of shape. I was slowly losing everything I had worked so hard for in the gym. I felt sluggish and awful.

The frustrating part was that I was already doing what I thought were all the right things:

Stretching, massage, warming-up for 30+ minutes, getting treatments, and resting for weeks at a time, but the pain always came back.

What else could I try?

In my mind, I had already tried everything and my biggest fear was that I would have this pain for the rest of my life and would have to give up all the things I enjoy.

All that time and effort I spent going in circles made me wonder:

If my knees are this bad at 25 years old, what will they be like when I’m 50?

Will the pain ever go away?

What was I doing wrong?

Just as I was about to give up, a glimmer of hope appeared…

A Glimmer of Hope

One of the first things I did for my knee pain was buy all the books I could get my hands on, but regardless of whether the author was a physical therapist, orthopedist, or another kind of medical professional, the chapters on patellar tendonitis were always very short and of no use to me.

I read every potentially useful book I could find.

I didn’t want surgery, injections, or anti-inflammatories. There had to be another way. And there was...

In 2010, I discovered a little-known educational manual for athletic coaches to help them get results for athletes with knee pain. This book introduced me to a whole new world: I learned how to strengthen the knee by improving leg biomechanics with specific exercises.

Then I quickly applied everything I had learned and for the first time my tendonitis did get better, but as much as I hated to admit it to myself, I was still a long way from being back to 100%. Something important was still missing, but at least now I had an idea where I could find it.

The great part about being a university student in Dresden was that we had one of Germany’s biggest libraries right around the corner and its computers gave us direct access to hundreds of research journals worth thousands of Dollars.

Picture by: SLUB Dresden/Henrik Ahlers.

That’s where I spent a lot of time in the months that followed and during that research I eventually found the exact type of exercises that were scientifically proven to help you recover from any level of tendon damage. Now I just had to do one more thing.

After a few months of self-experimentation on how to best use what I had learned about biomechanics and strengthening tendons I was finally able to live a normal life again. I could run, jump, and play basketball to my heart’s content.

Goofing around
Finally I could run and jump again!

What about you? I’m sure you’ve thought about it:

If your knees were 100% again, what would your perfect day look like?

Is This Your Perfect Day?

Imagine a Saturday morning in the summer. You wake up feeling relaxed and confident.

The weather is perfect, so you quickly climb out of bed and jump down the stairs, because you want to go for a quick run to enjoy the beautiful morning light.

You put on your favorite workout clothes, drink a glass of water, and then you can’t help but smile as you look at yourself in the mirror.

After a short warm-up in the crisp morning air you decide to run your favorite route.

meditation and getting in shape at the same time

As you glide through nature you can feel your stress melt away and before you know it an hour has gone by. It’s always amazing how much running helps you clear your head.

Your legs insist that you could easily keep going, but you feel more like having a lavish breakfast with your friends at that breakfast place you love. Maybe you’ll drop by the gym later as well.

It’s going to be a great day.

How would your perfect day be different?

Do you play basketball, football, volleyball, or soccer?
meditation and getting in shape at the same time

If you love team sports, imagine the following.

It's three months from now. You're in the locker room, getting changed for the game. You feel confident and in great shape, because your training went very well in the previous weeks.

The game begins. You move effortlessly and you make great plays. You're having a blast.

Years go by and you get better and better. You know that your body will fully support your style of play. Progress comes like clockwork.

Maybe this all sounds impossible to you now, I know it would have to me, but let me tell you:

After everything I’ve learned in the last 9 years, all the seminars I went to, and all the people I’ve helped, I know that anything is possible, as long as you don’t have one the following problems holding you back…

Why Some People Waste Years

Research has shown that tendonitis rehab can take anywhere between a dozen weeks right up to ten years or more and everything in between. I wondered:

Why the huge difference?

Sure, maybe certain cases are worse, but that still doesn’t explain why some people have tendonitis for years and then suddenly get better in just a few months.

“Firstly let me say thank you and that you are welcome in my house any time. I have just been on holiday and played football and tennis and just ran around with my son (11) for the first time in 3 years. My son says 'thank you' as well.”

– Fionn McDonagh

But what if I could tell you right now how long your rehab would take? Because as it turns out, it will take longer depending on how many of the following problems you’re struggling with.

Problem 1: Lack of Deep Knowledge

Tell me if any of this sounds familiar to you:

  • Are you unsure how much you should train during rehab?
  • Are you frustrated with vague and conflicting advice?
  • Do you worry about causing a setback or further damage?
  • Are you unsure what your next steps should be?
  • Do you feel like something is missing from your rehab program?
  • Are you worried about permanent damage?

In early 2010, I would have checked all of these boxes and it took me a while to figure out why.

I found that in my own rehab, whenever I wasn’t sure what to do next, which exercises to do, how hard to train, how often I should train, or any anything else really, it was because I still had a too limited understanding of what was going on inside my knee. It’s like this for example:

If you don’t know how a computer works, you’ll have a really hard and frustrating time trying to repair one. Maybe you would even give up completely. But the truth is that it’s something you can learn, it’s a skill, and as the family go-to-guy for computer issues I can tell you that it’s much easier than most people think.

It’s not magic, but more like fixing a car, only with smaller parts, dust instead of grease, and hitting your head against the table and not a car chassis. Joking aside, my point is this:

The deeper your knowledge about a problem is, the easier it will be for you to solve it, but if your knowledge is only superficial, you’ll instead feel like you’ve “already tried everything” while you’re going in circles and getting nowhere.

I also took seminars all over Europe to deepen my knowledge. Here's a picture after a passed certification exam.

Deep knowledge also means that where others give up, saying they’ll just have to “live with it”, your mind will immediately hand you a dozen other solutions you could try.

Hindsight is always 20/20, so looking back, it’s clear how huge of an issue not knowing enough can be, but there’s more. Here’s problem #2.

Lack of time

Is time a serious issue for you?

If your time to exercise is extremely limited you will find it impossible to do an hour or more of training each day. I have two toddlers and am self-employed, so I know first-hand how family and work commitments can make it challenging to do even 30 minutes of training each day, let alone an hour.

Lack of time can make progress near impossible, just like…

Getting distracted

Are you not as disciplined as you think you should be?

It’s easy to get distracted with life. Maybe your family life is busy and demanding, maybe you have a tough job, or maybe you just want to have some fun and find doing rehab boring, but here’s the thing:

Getting distracted and doing the rehab exercises half-heartedly or without consistency is a huge problem if you want lasting results, or any results, really. The sad part is that what most people do next makes it even worse.

Betting on the wrong team

If you’ve had tendonitis for a while, you’ve probably come across dozens of different treatment recommendations like PRP injections, cold laser therapy, resting, ultrasound therapy, stem cell injections, cross-friction massage, iontophoresis, ultrasound therapy, etc…

The big problem isn’t that some of those treatments will cost $1,000 or more, no. The problem is:

According to several dozen double-blind studies, numerous systematic reviews, and countless other research papers, the overwhelming majority of these treatments do not work at all for patellar tendonitis.

And it gets worse:

Some of the offered treatment approaches will first make you feel better for a few weeks, but in the long run you’ll suffer setbacks and your tendons would have been much stronger without the treatment.

These are facts hundreds of scientists have confirmed through thousands of hours of work and now we can look all of it up in peer-reviewed research articles. But what happens to those that don’t know about this research?

If you don’t know which treatments work, you may spend months, maybe years, trying make your knees stronger with methods that cannot possibly do it.

The more of these “treatments” you try, the more convinced you may become that you’ve already tried everything, when in fact, you’ve only been betting on the wrong team.

Scientists call this “over-reliance on passive treatments” and you’ll actually find it in published research papers as one of the reasons why people fail tendonitis rehab.

I call it “hoping someone else will fix it for you” and this brings us to the last problem you may be struggling with:

Not believing in yourself

Years ago I was afraid my knees would never get better and that I’d never be able to the things I love again, but the rebellious part of me didn’t want to accept it. This small bit of doubt fundamentally changed the path of my life and it led right here, to you and me connecting through this page.

If I had given up back then, I wouldn’t be here.

If you had given up already, you wouldn’t be here either.

But the longer it takes you to get better, the more hopeless you can become. So if you only take one piece of advice from me today, let it be this:

Believe in yourself.

The science is clear: once you find the right exercise approach and the right knowledge for your situation, your tendons can get stronger.

Yes, the more mistakes you make the longer and more frustrating this process will become, but if you want to get better, there is no other way.

But there is one giant shortcut...

What if instead of wasting some of your best years on trial and error, you would already know what works and what doesn’t, which exercises to do, when to do them, how hard to train, what to do when you’re stuck, and how to overcome lack of time or discipline?

What if instead of relying on guess work to get better you could base your decisions on facts gathered from hundreds of scientific studies and the experience of renowned patellar tendonitis clinicians?

What if you could finally go back to living your life how you want?

Here’s how.


Tough Tendons is the perfect program for everyone with patellar tendonitis who wants to go back to living a normal life with strong legs and healthy knees.

Regardless of whether you are an athlete or just want to enjoy a free life, this program will show the exact steps you can take to recover from any level of tendon damage even if your time to train is extremely limited and even if you’ve already tried everything.

preview_collage.png (109.126 bytes)

How Tough Tendons works

Tough Tendons is an online course you can take from the comforts of your home, anywhere in the world.

My goal with this program is to give you access to the same expert knowledge world-class athletes can tap into when recovering from patellar tendonitis. To make that as easy as possible, I’ve split the course into three parts.

The first part is the Tough Tendons training, a comprehensive 3-phase training program I designed to help you recover from any level of tendon damage and to eliminate biomechanical causes of patellar tendon overload. You can do this training anywhere and you don’t need to be an athlete to get started.

The second part is the Deep Knowledge Modules, an in-depth video series on everything you need to know to get back to 100% like what you can do to avoid setbacks, how to speed up recovery with rehab shortcuts, the rehab mistakes that can make tendonitis last years, and much, much more.

And finally, I will always be there to answer every question you have about the material in the course.

Once you’re enrolled you will be immediately be able to access the course materials with your smartphone, tablet, Smart-TV, or laptop. Here is a selection of the individual topics we will cover.

The Course Schedule
Week 1
  • Recover From Any Level of Tendon Damage By Working On These 3 Things
  • Are you at higher risk of tendonitis?
  • Picking the best exercises to strengthen YOUR tendon
  • How to tell which activities are helping or hurting your recovery

We will also begin working on all biomechanical issues that contribute to patellar tendon overload and start our tendon strengthening work.

Week 2
  • My “10 minutes per day”-routine, for when your time to train is extremely limited.
  • How to continue exercising on the road
  • How to get rid of all pain permanently: The Zero Pain Principle
  • Determining how much you can push yourself
Week 3
  • 3 Solutions for low motivation
  • The “Not to Do”-List: Any of These 9 Rehab Mistakes Can Make Tendonitis Last Years
  • How to handle irritated tendons
  • How long your recovery will be
Week 4
  • Medication & Over-the-Counter Drugs That Can Stall Your Progress
  • Which treatments for patellar tendonitis actually work and which are rip-offs
  • The exact test you can use to tell whether your tendons are strong enough for more intense training

At this point, you may be ready for phase 2 of the training. Our goal for this second phase is to get rid of all tendon pain completely.

Week 5
  • How to eliminate setbacks forever with 5 strategies for near-zero risk and damage
  • Shoes and Tendonitis
  • No Regrets Cardio & Fitness: The exact exercises you can use to get in shape and losing weight without risk to your knees
  • A 25-Minute follow-along fitness routine: Let’s work out together with some of my knee-friendly fitness drills (adaptable to any fitness level)
  • The Most Important Thing you have to do to stay in shape (has nothing to do with training)
Week 6
  • The Ultimate Checklist for Breaking Through Rehab Plateaus (Use This If You’re Stuck)
  • 13 evidence-based rehab shortcuts to recover as fast as possible and break through rehab plateaus, for when you’re stuck and your progress is stagnating
  • 11 Connections Between Diet and Slow Tendon Healing
  • Which supplements are useful and which are a waste of money
  • One Lifestyle Mistake That Can Increase Risk of Tendon Rupture to 750%
Week 7
  • How to know when you’re ready to return to sports
  • 3 Proven Methods for Getting Back Into Sports Safely
  • One mistake that will always make pain come back
Week 8
  • Minimal maintenance to keep your knees and legs strong for life
  • How to stop worrying about your knee

In week 8 you may also be ready to progress to the third phase of the training, which is where we will prepare your knees for your return to sports. I will show the exact benchmarks you need to pass to make your comeback as safe as possible and we’ll practice several advanced exercises to challenge your flexibility and strength in ways that will help you prevent injury in the future.

We will also work to get your strength to a level at which you will be very competitive once your return to sports is complete.


You can go through the course at your own pace because you will have lifetime access to all of it and to help you make the most of the course I will always be there to answer your questions about the material we cover.

Now let’s see if Tough Tendons is right for you.

Is Tough Tendons right for you?

The idea behind this program is unusual and it may even be the first time in your life that you’re hearing about online courses, so let me be direct about how you can tell whether this course is right for you.

Tough Tendons is not for you if…

  • You haven’t been cleared for exercise by your doctor.
  • You’re expecting a magic bullet that will make your pain go away in just a few weeks.
  • You need someone else to do all the work for you.
  • You’re not willing to put your sport on hold for 8 weeks.
  • You want me to diagnose your pain or provide medical advice. I’m not a doctor.

Tough Tendon IS for you if…

  • You’re willing to invest a few months of your life into this program so that you can live the remaining decades without pain, free to do what you want.
  • You’re open to trying unusual solutions as long as they’re backed up by scientific facts and logic.
  • You love being active and want to go back to enjoying a normal life.
  • You’re tired of useless advice like “just rest it”.
  • You’re committed to doing whatever it takes.

If you still have questions, you find asnwers in the FAQ below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to common questions about Tough Tendons:

“What exactly is Tough Tendons?”

Tough Tendons is an online course for everyone with patellar tendonitis who wants to go back to living a normal life.

Included is a 3-phase training program to build strong legs starting from any level of tendon damage, evidence-based rehab shortcuts you can use when you’re stuck, rehab mistakes that can make tendonitis last years, a knee-friendly cardio and fitness routine, strategies to eliminate setbacks forever, and more.

“Do I need access to a gym?”

Gym access is beneficial, but not necessary to participate in this program. You can do every part of the training at-home.

“How much training time does the course take?”

The standard training routine will take about 25 minutes per day on average, but the course also offers an ultra-short “10 minutes per day”-routine.

“What is the difference to your old book?”

In 2013 I published a book about patellar tendonitis based on my knowledge at the time. The book has helped more than 10,000 people and the feedback I received about it allowed me to refine my approach significantly in the years that followed.

The course is based on these refinements. Its main advantages are:

1) much shorter training time

The training in the book took more than 7 hours per week. In the course you can make progress on as little as 1 hour per week. That’s an 85% reduction and it eliminates “I don’t have time” as an excuse for ignoring tendonitis any longer.

2) Higher overall chance of success

The book was based on one single tendon strengthening exercise, but this exercise doesn’t work for everyone. In contrast, the course allows you to choose from 5 different tendon exercises to find the one that works best for you.

Combined with the safer training in the course this gives you a much higher overall chance of a successful recovery.

3) Faster Recovery

The course allows for a faster recovery by helping you avoid mistakes people make in each of the 3 recovery phases. For example, we will talk about everything you can do to avoid setbacks, what to do when you’re stuck, how to speed up tendon healing through diet and supplements, when to train harder and when to back off, how to stay in shape without irritating your knees, how to get back into sports safely, and much more.

The course will help you overcome every obstacle someone with patellar tendonitis will face on the way back to 100%, sparing you months of going in circles and having pain come back.

4) Video Demonstrations

The course offers detailed video demonstrations of all exercises as well as beautiful follow-along videos for each of the three training phases. This way you can avoid technique mistakes and you’ll always have a workout partner.

5) Work with me directly

I’m always there to help if you ever get stuck, have a question, or just need someone to talk to.

6) You’re no longer alone

In the course you can get in touch with others that are recovering or have recovered from patellar tendonitis. You can read success stories, hear what others are working on, and can share your own progress with a growing number of folks that have been where you are.

If these advantages sound attractive to you, join the course.

“I’m not an athlete, can I still participate?”

Yes, because the training can be scaled to any level of fitness. As long as you’re strong enough to get into and out of a chair, you will be okay in the training.

I’ve worked with people that just wanted to walk their dogs, with professional athletes, with senior citizens, and everyone in between. Everyone goes through the program at their own level of intensity and their own pace, so it doesn’t matter how fit you are.

“Is the training live? How does it work?”

This is not a live, in-person seminar, which means you can get started immediately. However, you may have to pause the course to take a vacation, to finish a tough project at work, or for other reasons. I knew this could happen and here’s what I did about it.

You will have lifetime access to the all material in this course. This means you can pause the course for as long as you need and continue later. I will be waiting when you come back.

During the training, which you can do in the comfort of your own home, you can advance through the individual phases at your own pace because I designed them to be flexible. What matters most to me is that you keep getting stronger, regardless of whether it takes a few weeks longer.

“What can Tough Tendons offer that a licensed physical therapist cannot?”

Physical therapists, by necessity, are generalists. They work on necks, shoulders, arms, upper and lower backs, hips, knees, and feet. All these body parts can have a variety of injuries, which is why physical therapists have an astonishingly broad knowledge about the whole body.

In contrast, Tough Tendons is just about one single injury of one single body part: patellar tendonitis. It offers specialized knowledge on that particular subject in a depth that only very few physical therapists can match.

Three other differences are:

1) The Tough Tendons course delivers results with a much lower weekly time commitment, since you don’t have to drive to appointments.

2) The course solves many problems that physical therapy would not address, like safe cardio options or how to speed up tendon healing through supplements, to name just two topics.

3) In the course you can ask questions whenever you need to and not just during a 30 minute window each week.

With all this in mind you cannot compare the course to physical therapy, since it would be an apples to oranges comparison.

“I’m considering PRP injections / prolotherapy. Should I join?”

The evidence in favor of using PRP injections for patellar tendonitis is thin and unconvincing for prolotherapy.

I’d only recommend PRP if you’ve already exhausted the conventional approach of doing progressive loading with slow tendon strengthening exercises, meaning you’ve experimented with different tendon strengthening exercises at different training intensities over at least 3 months without any progress.

However, in most situations tendon strengthening work will offer better short and long-term outcomes. You can use the course to make fastest possible progress in a short time or try to figure everything out yourself. It’s completely up to you.

Just don’t mistake PRP for a silver bullet that makes doing further strengthening work unnecessary, because that’s impossible.

“When will the course open again?”

Enrollment for the course is open two or three times a year, so at worst you’d have to wait another 6 months to get started.

Or you could join now and be back to normal in 6 months.

It’s your choice.

“What if the course doesn’t work? What is your refund policy?”

I created this program after reading over 700 scientific references, learning first-hand from renowned tendonitis clinicians, analyzing several thousand reader emails from people with tendonitis, rebuilding my own knees from permanent tendonitis pain back to full strength, and going through 8 years of self-experimentation to find what works and what doesn’t.

And then I spent another 2 years building this course to help those with patellar tendonitis get back to enjoying life and sports without regret.

You will not find this wealth of knowledge about patellar tendonitis anywhere else, because frankly, nobody else will ever be in a position to invest that much time, money, effort, and care into creating a program for those that struggle with this frustrating injury.

That’s why I’m 100% confident that joining this program is the very best decision someone with patellar tendonitis can make. So here’s my personal guarantee to you: The only way how you can assess the quality and value of everything the course offers is to join it, go through all the material, and begin your training.

If you then still have any doubt at all whether using this program will make your legs strong and healthy again you get your money back within 60 days of your enrollment date. Just send me one email to tell me why you want to drop out and I will give you a full refund.

It’s simple:

Join the program and test drive everything for 60 days at my risk.

Is your question missing? Just send me an email and I will try to get back to you before enrollment closes.

“Will this work for me?”

You’re probably wondering whether this program will work for you. I can understand your doubts, because I’m a skeptic as well. That’s why I took the following seven precautions when I designed this course.

Everything Is 100% Evidence-Based

I’m skeptical of advice that is solely rooted in personal opinion and anecdotal evidence. So I made sure that every single piece of this program is supported by academic research. I ended up with way over 700 scientific references before this course was finished and this science applies to all humans.

Regardless of whether you’re male or female, tall or short, strong or weak, young or old, the biomechanical principles and tendon strengthening exercises this course uses work for every human, no matter whether you want to run a 10K, play pick-up basketball, or just want to walk your dog.

“[I] have been doing the exercises suggested and all I can say is ‘GREAT JOB’. I am 61 years old and I have had 3 surgeries on my knees as a result of playing American football in high school and college. I also coach football and basketball and we are having our team use these exercises. Once again thank you for your outstanding research and making it available to us.”

– George Whary, USA
Based on Decades of Expert Experience

Aside from the scientific references this course also uses the advice of renowned tendonitis clinicians and highly regarded movement experts. I collected this information by travelling to seminars all over Europe for several years.

These methods will help us strengthen your knees and they also reduce patellar tendon overload through better biomechanics.

Fixes Problems Everyone Else Ignores

If you’re stuck and can’t make any more progress, the issue may not be your training, but something deeper.

For example, during my research I discovered 13 evidence-based rehab shortcuts and 11 connections between diet and tendon healing. These can influence tendon healing right down at the cellular level and if too many of them are causing problems, tendonitis rehab can take years.

This approach is unique to the Tough Tendons course, so you won’t find it elsewhere.

Created By Someone Who Had Tendonitis
Martin's Basketball Team
I developed patellar tendonitis while playing basketball.

My goal for this course was to offer solutions to every problem someone with patellar tendonitis can possibly have. To make this possible I first drew from my own experience with the injury and then asked my readers to chime in. The result:

Over 2,000 data points on the exact problems and barriers people with tendonitis face on their way back to 100%. That was my basis for the topic outline in the course and another reason why you won’t be able to find a more comprehensive resource about patellar tendonitis.

Has Already Been Used In Your Sport

No matter which sport you do, odds are somebody else doing the exact same sport has already used my advice to get better. For example, in my previous course for healthy knees I asked all participants to tell me more about them and here’s a list of sports they were doing:

  • Basketball
  • Cycling
  • Volleyball
  • Dancing
  • Skiing
  • Tennis
  • Weightlifting
  • Golf
  • Walking
  • Gymnastics
  • Hiking
  • American Football
  • Track and Field
  • Laser Tag
  • Wrestling
  • Running Marathons
  • Rugby
  • Lacrosse
  • Crossfit
  • Martial Arts
  • Yoga
  • Ultra-Marathon Running
  • Trail Biking
  • American College Hockey
  • Swimming
  • Trail Running
  • Squash
  • …..

There are probably many more I don’t even know about.

“I am currently on phase 2 of your program. I have had no pain for 6 months now. I have been mountain biking class 4 trails and hiking 14,000 feet mountains this summer with zero pain in my knees.”

– Micheal Colwell

HOWEVER, many participants used my course just to stay active. Some of these folks only want to be able to walk their dog for example. Remember that this system is not limited to athletes.

Used By Professional Athletes

In 2013, I was invited to share my knowledge with the German National Volleyball Team because their athletic trainer, Mr. Bracceschi, was fascinated by the early version of this course, which he actually heard about from an Italian professional Volleyball player.

In 2013, I was invited by the German National Team.

Once you’ve taken the course, you will recognize the techniques I’m going to share in the training of professional athletes from all sorts of different sports. They use it because this knowledge helps increase performance by reducing training downtime due to injury.

The shot blocker of the German Team recommending my material
The shot blocker of the German Team about my material.

My material is also used in other professional sports, such as basketball:

Bostjan has played for Houston, Oklahoma City, and the FC Barcelona. He felt “95% better” after we had worked together.

... and kite surfing:

Dimitri Maramenides
I helped pro kite surfer Dimitri Maramenides with his tendonitis.

But this course is not just for athletes.

Works for Non-Athletes Too

You use the training in the course regardless of how fit you are. I’ve actually used these same exercises to train my 78-year old grandmother as well as my younger siblings. Take these stories for example:

“I am a family physician in my late 70’s and wish I had had this material 40 years ago!”

– Dr. Robert S., USA

“I can’t thank you enough for the difference your program has made in my life. (…) As you say at the end, my legs are feeling very different from when I first started last fall. No comparison, in fact. I had trouble walking down the hill to get my mail, and now I’m hiking my favorite hills and bluffs again (carefully, of course). I’m even having to slow my pace to let others catch up! Thank you, Martin.”

– Rachel Mueller

Here are some of the results my work has achieved since I started helping people with tendonitis in 2011:

More Real World Results

In 2020 I asked all Tough Tendons participants how long they had needed to get back to sports. Here are the results:

Self-reported time back to sports for Tough Tendons course participants

Most were back to sports in less than 3 months, but even a recovery time of 6 months is amazing considering that many of those people had struggled with tendonitis for years.

The following is feedback about the course I received while I collected the data about recovery times:

“Hi Martin,

Just wanted to say thank you so much for the great course! I started back in early August and have been very persistent. Over the last couple of months, I have slowly started re-incorporating running & biking back into my exercise regimen, which is what I love doing! The slow build up has really given me a good feeling for what I should/shouldn't I now feel comfortable knowing how hard I can push myself. I can feel a significant difference in my knee due to the added strength from all of the exercise/mobility work, and it only continues to get stronger.

My knee was a mess before I started patellar tendon is basically a hard rock of scar tissue from a previous surgery, so i was unsure if anything would work. I know it is just one data point, but your program certainly helped me even with a super thick, scarred there is hope for everyone!

I'll certainly keep up with the strengthening work as I know that is key to continued health. Thanks again!”

– Kyle Massey

“I'm apparently a bit slower than average, but I am making progress. Pain is gone, at most a little irritation now and then. It took me 3 to 4 weeks before pain after exercise would be minimal. Still in phase one, soon progressing.”

– Frank Vennix

“I have seen great improvements. I am just back from a week off snowboarding with my children. Something maybe unthinkable a few years ago. I believe I can make further improvements. As you said in the course, doing nothing (resting) does not fix anything.”

– Andrew Duignan

“My pain is almost completely gone. Throughout the day I no longer feel any pain (only minor discomfort after sitting for a long time). Even long car rides are fine. I'll soon start phase 2 of the course and I'm sure I'll be completely pain-free in the future.” (translated from German)

– Paul Kress

“Dear Martin,

By the time I finished Phase 1 (it took me about 1 month) my knees did not hurt at all. I am at the edges of phase 2 and 3 but I'm taking my time, strengthening my knees. Since I'm 95-98 kgs, I need to build strong muscles, because when I'm doing the leg press, the bottleneck is not my tendon, but my quadriceps.

I need to tell some details so you will understand. Since 2011 there's this one volleyball event which I have never skipped, my highschool hosts it in my city. Our team wanted to take part again, and I just could not say no, I miss volleyball so so much. So to get back in shape and get the muscle memories back, last Thursday I went to a lighter volleyball training. I was so happy that my knees didn't hurt that I overdid the training a little, and I felt a bit of a discomfort next day. But yesterday I went to the same training, but this time I was smart, so today my knees don't hurt at all. The event will be next Saturday. After that I will stop going to the trainings, get back to the rehab program and finish Phase 2, and start Phase 3. My goal is to be OK until summer, for the volleyball season.

So to answer your question, my tendonitis has not gone away completely YET, but I'm confident that it will.”

– Bálint Máté Nagy

Other results of my work:

“Completely pain free now and stronger knees then ever before. Started with cycling on my Tacx trainer for 4 weeks now. Yesterday I ran on the track for the first time in 8 months!”

– Erik Dees, Holland

“I got jumper's knee from playing basketball about 4 months ago, trying to get ready for a corporate basketball league. I could barely walk and thought I'd have to miss out on the b-ball season. Luckily, I injured myself a couple of months prior to season start and came across your exercises. Needless to say, the exercises drastically improved the knees and I was able to play the season (and was one of the top scorers on my team).”

– Andy B.

“I spent hours looking for knee information and decoding technical language after developing knee tendonitis. I was thrilled to find Martin Koban's [old course]. Its pictures, written instructions and videos clearly teach you what to do to help strengthen and protect your knees. I've had great results, and will continue following the recommendations to help prevent future injuries.”

– Jennifer Chase

“I wanted to share my success with you. I had my first day on my snowboard since last April (when I could barely make turns). It was of course, an epic powder day, and I had an incredible morning and rode hard for 2.5 hours. I had a little knee pain on my first run, but after I warmed up, it felt solid until my last run, when it felt a little tired, which is when I stopped.

Worked the rest of the day (mostly sitting with leg extended) and it feels pretty good. I can't thank you enough. In October, I was wondering if I would be able to snowboard again and today I felt 75-80% out there.”

– Matt P.

“I followed your program for 6 months and ... on the right. 106 miles completed. Thank you.”

– George V.

“I played today for the first time in 2 1/2 year and I almost felt weird and was kinda like waiting at any moment for my knee to hurt anytime I jumped BUT no pain during nor after. I was still playing it safe and I feel great I will continue and Master your program.


– Carlos E. Guevara

Jenni Silva about her results using some of my exercises for tendonitis.

“I have been able to drive for more than 30 mins absolutely pain free - It used to get so painful that I had to stop my car after 20 mins & get out to stretch it out! This is a big win for me.”

– Brett C.

“Training phase 3 is going well and my knees and legs are feeling stronger each week. The program is working and I am feeling confident in my legs.”

– Nathan B.

“Thank you for helping me save my running career!”

– Dean T.

Kyle Carnohan, a firefighter with tendonitis, about his results using my old course.

“I am not an athlete, I am in my 60's and knew that I did not want to live the rest of my life with knee pain. You enabled me to make my knees strong again and I am grateful.”

– M. Sievers

“The last two days I have been walking like a normal person, even taking the stairs down normally, with reasonable ease, and wanting for the first time to practically skip or scurry down the stairs. Thanks again so much for giving me back my gait, without pain.”

– Alexandra P.

“I only joined last night but feel so much more informed in the past 24hrs than in the year of struggling with my knee.”

– Matthew H.

Rachel Muller's results.

“It is absolutely incredible the difference it is already making to my knee pain!! Thank you so so much!!”

– Adam C.

“We took our son to the doctor when he began having knee pain and had to stop playing basketball. The doctor said the problem would go away on it's own. After several months of following the doctor's bad advice to continue using it as normal, icing it and taking anti-inflammatories - the pain didn't go away. It seems we got bad advice from a doctor who is supposed to specialize in knees. My son followed the program and began noticing a reduction in pain within a few weeks. In a few months he is back playing basketball and is pain free.”

– Robyn

“I hate the exercises and they are very time consuming, but I can't argue with the results. After 4 months of following the program exactly, my right knee is 100% pain free and my left knee is about 90% better. (...)”

– Rick


Now just to be clear:

In spite of my best efforts doing research for years and collecting every possible bit of advice, I still can’t promise you specific results. After all, everyone is different. But I can promise you this:

Taking this course will boost your chances of success to unfair levels, like knowing all but one of next week’s lottery numbers. Or you could use one of these other options…

Yes, you have other options!

My readers have spent an average of $1,239 on treatments for their knee pain. I know, because I asked the 20,000+ people on my email newsletter a few years back and then did the math. So yes, you do have other options.

You could…

Do Nothing (“Resting”)

Resting works great for many different injuries, including most types of knee pain, but it only works for tendonitis if you do it the very first time your knee feels even slightly off.

Once you’ve had tendonitis for more than a few weeks, resting will no longer help you, because it doesn’t strengthen weak tendons, it won’t fix biomechanics, and it doesn’t optimize tendon healing at the cellular level.

I tried this option when I had tendonitis, as have countless others, and it only turned out to be a waste of time.

Try Expensive Medical Treatments

Cost: $500 – $2,000

Every week I get emails from readers asking about PRP and other expensive medical treatments and my answer is always the same:

There is no convincing evidence to show that PRP works for patellar tendonitis, but about 40% the people I’ve heard from reported an improvement after the injection. About 55% didn’t notice any change and a small percentage had more pain after the procedure.

So if money is not an issue for you and you have exhausted all other options, PRP may be worth a shot. An analogy I like to use is it’s like playing roulette and betting on black. Do you like gambling?

“I have consulted several doctors (even high reputation knee specialists). I tried a couple of pretty expensive treatments without significant success.”

– Max

“I found a sports doc with a shiny office, had the usual examination with imaging and was told I needed PRP administered by himself as well as physiotherapy with his colleague. All of this at a very high price. (…) I have been following your course for over a month now and it has been helping me immensely, as well as shown me that there was hope after all and that I did not actually have to go for surgery or the unproven PRP treatment.”

– Mateusz Izdebski


Go Through Physical Therapy

Cost: $2,400+ ($100/session x 3 sessions per week for two months)

There are some great physical therapists out there, but unfortunately, very few of them know about tendon rehab. Plus even with insurance, the cost of physical therapy can be steep and you’d also have to spend a few extra hours each week driving to appointments.

Learn it all on your own through trial and error

Cost: $10,000 and more (plus 1,000 hours of work)

You could also learn it all on your own. This will work for you if you like reading research papers, can live off a part-time job, don’t have any family commitments, and can spend a few days traveling to seminars each month.

I could pull it off because I was single and could travel to other countries at a moment’s notice. I would also disappear from my social life for weeks at a time and I burned through almost all of my savings, because I missed out on work.

Yes, you could learn it on your own, but why reinvent the wheel when I already did all the work for you?

If you’re still undecided, here’s my guarantee.

My Zero Doubt Guarantee

Martin Koban

I created this program after reading over 700 scientific references, learning first-hand from renowned tendonitis clinicians, analyzing several thousand reader emails from people with tendonitis, rebuilding my own knees from permanent tendonitis pain back to full strength, and going through 8 years of self-experimentation to find what works and what doesn’t.

And then I spent another 2 years building this course to help those with patellar tendonitis get back to enjoying life and sports without regret.

You will not find this wealth of knowledge about patellar tendonitis anywhere else, because frankly, nobody else will ever be in a position to invest that much time, money, effort, and care into creating a program for those that struggle with this frustrating injury.

That’s why I’m 100% confident that joining this program is the very best decision someone with patellar tendonitis can make. So here’s my personal guarantee to you:

The only way how you can assess the quality and value of everything the course offers is to join the course, go through all the material, and begin your training.

If you then still have any doubt at all whether using this program will make your legs strong and healthy again you get your money back within 60 days of your enrollment date. Just send me one email to tell me why you want to drop out from the course and I will give you a full refund.

It’s simple:

Join the program and test drive everything for 60 days at my risk.

Yes! I want lifetime access to
Tough Tendons

Which option is right for you?

Tough Tendons

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3-Phase Program to Build Strong Knees & Legs

This routine will strengthen your tendons and fix all known biomechanical problems that contribute to tendon overload, regardless of how fit you are.

The “10 Minutes per Day”-Routine

If your time to train is extremely limited you need to focus on the most effective exercises. 10 minutes per day is all it takes.

The Best Exercise to Strengthen YOUR Tendon

Picking the right exercise for your situation will help you make steady progress so that you're not going in circles.

13 Evidence-Based Rehab Shortcuts

Use these shortcuts to recover as fast as possible and break through rehab plateaus, for when you’re stuck and your progress is stagnating

The Complete List of Rehab Mistakes

Are you stuck and can't seem to get better? Any of these mistakes can make tendonitis last years, so be sure to refer to list whenever your progress stagnates.

Medications and Drugs That Can Stop Your Recovery

Certain types of medication can cause tendon damage or delay recovery. If you already have tendonitis you need to be doubly careful.

5 Strategies to Eliminate Setbacks Forever

Setbacks can cost you months of progress and even put you back on square one, which is why we will cover every step you can take to prevent them.

“No Regrets” Cardio and Fitness Routines

Get back in shape and lose weight with my tendon-friendly fitness routines. I made them adaptable so you can use them no matter how fit you are.

Blueprints You Can Use to Return to Sports Safely

These blueprints will help you get back into your sport without having to worry about your knees.

100% Evidence-Based

Based on over 700 scientific references, 8 years of self-experimentation, and the experience of renowned patellar tendonitis clinicians

Comes with my Zero Doubt Guarantee:

If after starting the course you still have any doubt at all whether using this program will make your legs strong and healthy again you get 100% of your money back within 60 days of your enrollment date.


Go back to living a normal life.

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The website’s content and the product for sale is based upon the author’s opinion and is provided solely on an “AS IS” and “AS AVAILABLE” basis for educational purposes. You should do your own research and confirm the information with other sources when searching for information regarding health issues and always review the information carefully with your professional health care provider before using any of the protocols presented on this website and/or in the product sold here. The author is NOT engaged in rendering medical or similar professional services or advice via this website or in the product, and the information provided is not intended to replace medical advice offered by a physician or other licensed healthcare provider.

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The author made every effort to represent Tough Tendons and its potential accurately. Examples on this page and testimonials of past participants are not to be interpreted as a promise or guarantee of results. Results are entirely dependent on the person using the Tough Tendons system and how much time they devote to applying it, as well as their individual history in terms of medical problems.

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More Results of My Work

“I’ve been using your program for 8 weeks and just started back at the gym….pain free. I’m easing into the workouts, avoiding multiple heavy stress peaks on the patellar tendon (but doing some jumping jacks & high knee sprints), and so far I’m feeling good. Thank you for the efforts in putting together the rehab & maintenance regimen….I feel like a new person.””

– Chris Irving

“You have helped me so much with stretches, hip strengthening exercises and rolling. I couldn't go up stairs without having pain in my patellar tendon and now I am pain free! You continue to educate me on ways to take better care of my body. At 47, I was so worried that I was starting to experience "chronic" knee pain, but you have given me the tools I need to go into my 50s fit, strong and enjoying my life! I am so grateful.”

– Jennifer Perruccio

“First, thank you so much for your course on healing patellar tendinitis! I’ve been dealing with it for nearly 11 months, and did physical therapy for 3 months with less progress than I’ve had in 2 weeks following your advice. It’s amazing.”

– Jacob L.

“Both of my knees were in insane pain even when standing. I worked at a job where I had to always be in a standing fast paced environment and I also love fitness. I think that took a toll on my knees. I tried everything from orthopedics to regular doctors and nothing. I did your exercises religiously every day and now my knees are about 95 percent better and I can run now. I wanted to thank you for all your information as I knew pain can be very frustrating and depressing especially when you love being active.”

– Nadia Guzman

I am a cyclist and was having knee problems for over two years and I was told the only solution was surgery. I followed your exercises and now my knees are just fine. My cycling is now normal, no more pain! I am 72 years old and cycle competitive. I can only thank You very much for your assistance.

– Per Pedersen-Hoien


One More Thing…

It’s natural to hesitate before taking a big step like joining the Tough Tendons course, but ask yourself this:

How many more months are you willing to waste?

Time will pass regardless of what you do. You can’t get any of it back. The cruel part is that making an unusual decision that could improve the future is tough, like asking someone on a date. It requires a strong character.

Right now, I’m asking you to make one of these tough decisions: join Tough Tendons. In the worst case, you’ll spend the next 60 days taking my course for free. In the best case, you’ll get rid of your tendonitis forever.

I’d love to see you in the course.

– Martin Koban

It's Time to Get Your Life Back

Tough Tendons

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Everything you need to recover from any level of tendon damage and build strong knees and legs for life, even if your time to train is extremely limited.

Deep Knowledge you won't find elsewhere

Discover the most powerful techniques to prevent setbacks, break through rehab plateaus, return to sports safely, and get back into shape without regrets.

100% Evidence-Based

The course is based on over 700 scientific references, 8 years of self-experimentation, and the experience of renowned patellar tendonitis clinicians.


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